Absolom Phiri: Managing (Member)

An experienced security professional

Winnie Phiri: HR Admin(Member)

Provides valuable support to both the admin and operation teams.

The Ithuba Way

Operationally, Ithuba works on a flat hierarchical structure, according to specific areas of concern and responsibility. Our flat hierarchy ensures employee empowerment and encourages peer support and cohesion. The operations team consists of members and managers with a unique set of technical and operational skills. Together they design, build and deliver customised solutions for some of Durban’s most sophisticated and demanding businesses.

By using a flat hierarchy structure, staff are trained to have a working understanding of one another's roles, enabling them to work in tandem and provide support for one another. This multitasking approach benefits operations at times of absence of a significant member of the organisation. This has created understanding between office staff and operatives when tackling security operative demands. Annual and quarterly management and review meetings are held, with staff across all areas.